"I can honestly say that Yoga is the main reason I’ve been able to stay sane and happy and thriving through the challenges that life has offered me. Through teaching, I hope I can give that to others as well!.."

“Teaching brings value to this life as I see it. And it is great just to know that you have made someone’s day a little bit better...”

I believe that yoga benefits everyone, but that we might have different approaches to the philosophy..."

“Yoga is truly 'life-changing'. I am passionate about the practice, the connection, the compassion, about the general awareness that yoga can, and does, bring me and others every day..."

“I teach yoga for various reasons. I want people to feel alive, to become more connected to
themselves, finding the courage to live the life they aspire to live..."


“I teach because it brings me so much joy to spread the message of Yoga and see people taking time just for themselves to breath and be present..."

"Yoga to me is having fun with the practice and looking for the balance between the individual and the unity in the group..."

"Teaching yoga is my way of giving back, and a space where I can let my creativity flow..."


"We are all just walking each other home"
- Ram Dass