The New Moon represents new beginnings. Once every month the monn becomes new, and this time of the month we can redifine where we are and where we are going. What we are ready to let go of and what we want to invite in. The moon is new in every sign of the zodiac over the course of a year. The signs representing different energies and qualities, offering us the chance to focus on different things every New Moon.

Today the New Moon is in the sign of Virgo. Virgo represents earth, planting seeds, watching them grow. Virgo is organized and analytical. She invites you to be of service, to yourself and others, and to get serious about your health and self-care.

The energy right now is lovely and active, giving you all the opportunity to define your healthy routines, and act them out. It's a sence of "back to school" energy, in a happy and excited way. The Virgo energy supports your ability to make your hopes, dreams and aspirations into action.

But first, clear out the old!

Take a moment to acknowledge the things that have come up for you over this summer and in the past weeks. What's been the overall theme? What are you ready to let go of?

Remember, that when emotions that's been buried re-suface, it's not necessarily a bad thing. It may not feel great as it happens, but it is an invitation and opportunity to clean it up and clean it out, once and for all. Often times, issues and feelings that surface apparently out of no where, are things that we haven't taken the time to actually process, things we have buried.

So when they re-surface, it's the universe and our bodies saying "hey, look over here. This is old and unhelpful, let's get rid of it!", helping us to become aware, become conscious, so that we can take action. We can't do anything about stuff that we are not aware of or conscious about.

So in those times, in those moments, when we do become aware, we have the chance to clean out our (inner) space. To feel it, consciously make a decision to let it go and make space for some good stuff instead.

In the spirit of Virgo and the element of earth, you can do a little meditation called "The Inner Garden". Close your eyes and visualize your inner garden. How does it look? See the trees, grass, the flowers. Where is the garden? Is it sunny or clouded? Visualize it as you walk through it.

Notice the weed that is growing there. How does it look? What does it represent in your life? Visualize that you get down in the dirt and pull out the weeds with the roots, clearing the space, cleaning away the weeds, leaving fresh, new, fertile soil in its place. As you clean away the weeds, be clear on what the weed represents- what is it that you are letting go of?

When you've cleared out the old you are ready to manifest the new. You have opened up space for new seeds to grow.

The New Moon in Virgo asks us:

Are you taking care of yourself on your path?

You are asked to realign yourself. What is your path? What is your purpose? How can you be of service to yourself and others? What are your dreams? It's a good time for manifestation and new beginnings.

Come back to your inner garden. Feel the fresh soil and earth. In the palm of your hand you have seeds. Visualize how you plant the seeds in the earth. What do the seeds represent in your life? What are you asking for, what are you inviting to grow? Visualize as you plant the seeds, water the earth and feel the energy of growth.

Journal about it, write it down. It is a great way to become more aware of where you are in your life and where you are going. It offers you an opportunity to take more charge over your faith, to play an active part in the direction of your life.

Once a month, at the time of the New Moon, we meet at RAW for a New Beginnings workshop. If you didn't have the opportunity to join this time you are more than welcome to join us next month, in October, when we will work with the energy of the Harvest Moon.

Happy New Moon in Virgo, and good luck <3


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