BE HEALTHY SELFISH with this New Moon in Leo Solar Eclipse

Today there is New Moon in Leo Solar Eclipse. It's all Leo, sun, fire, heart, passion, transformation and new beginnings.

Over the course of this summer there's been two other eclipses happening as well. This one today conclude the series of eclipses and eclipse season. The energy of this summer has been intense and some of you have probably felt it, as the previous eclipses, in addition to som pretty intense full moons, have for sure stirred things up.

Luckily, this eclipse is a really nice one, and with som clarity of mind and heart, we can definitely create some big changes and launch some new ideas with this energy.

The energy is extremely potent, so be a bit careful what you wish for, be clear, cause you will probably get it.

But first, clear out the old!

Take a moment to acknowledge the things that have come up for you over this summer. What's been the overall theme? What are you ready to let go of?

Remember, that when emotions that's been buried re-suface, it's not necessarily a bad thing. It may not feel great as it happens, but it is an invitation and opportunity to clean it up and clean it out, once and for all. Often times, issues and feelings that surface apparently out of no where, are things that we haven't taken the time to actually process, things we have buried.

So when they re-surface, it's the universe and our bodies saying "hey, look over here. This is old and unhelpful, let's get rid of it!", helping us to become aware, become conscious, so that we can take action. We can't do anything about stuff that we are not aware of or conscious about.

So in those times, in those moments, when we do become aware, we have the chance to clean out our (inner) space. To feel it, consciously make a decision to let it go and make space for some good stuff instead.

The energy from this New Moon and Solar Eclipse is great for clearing out anything that keeps you stuck, that you are afraid of, uncertain of or any negativity.

Leo, the Moon, the Sun and the Nodes of Faith are asking us:

Are you on your heart's path?

You are asked to realign yourself. What is your path? What is your purpose? What are your dreams? It's THE time for manifestation and new beginnings.

Leo is all about the heart, so listen; what is your heart telling you? Pay attention, and dare to be healthy selfish! Every sign has a planetary ruler, and Leo's planetary ruler is the Sun. The sun is happiest and most powerful in Leo, where it is right now. Both Leo and the Sun is all about the heart, the self and ego. But not necessarily in a bad way.

It means; take a moment to put yourself first! Where do you wanna go? What changes would benefit you in your life? What's your dream? What do you need to learn/study to create your dream? Start moving forward, and believe you deserve it. Take pride in your strength and uniqueness!

Happy New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Leo, and good luck <3


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