VINYASA CORE & MANIPURA CHAKRA - The door to personal power and confidence

Some of you have already attended at least one Vinyasa Core class at RAW, and probably remember it well if you have. You can feel the blood surging through your muscles, charging your body with energy. You bring forth all your will power to stay, to breathe. You remind yourself to be here now, even though the muscles are burning and your mind wants desparately to escape the challenge.. But you are reminded that YOU GOT THIS! And somehow in the middle of it all, it feels good. Really good. Cause you know the struggle is worth it, you know it's gonna feel so good afterwards, and not just for an hour but for days, even a whole week. Why is that?

The third chakra, known as the solar plexus chakra, located just between the naval and the solar plexus, is called Manipura Chakra. The word "chakra" may turn you off, or make you sceptical, I get it. So think of a chakra as an energy center. And the different energy centers in the body represents different things.

The third energy center, Manupura, represents your will power. Your ability to believe in yourself, also in the face of struggle and challenge. Your ability to stand and walk tall. To believe in your ability to set healthy boundaries and make healthy choices for yourself. To believe in yourself.

This energy center in your body (yes, you have it too, it's real) is a powerhouse and can help you immensely when activated and balanced.

This is the main reason why I love love love the Vinyasa Core classes! Yes, we get stronger for sure and toned and all of that, but all that is icing on the cake. What is way more important (and interesting) is that through doing this practice, we gain confidence!

My personal experience is that courage and confidence and personal power is not about not being afraid. Life is often messy and it's natural to be afraid sometimes. Challenges will come our way, that's a given. But how we choose to meet those challenges and what beliefs we hold about our own abilities when they come our way, that is what makes the big difference between being defeeted or being confident and succeed.

And not just in the face of challenges, but also when we face our own dreams. Taking the first steps towards our dream is scary, believing that our dream is possible and that we got what it takes? Even harder! But why let our fears and our inner critic make our decisions? Lets rather work to get to a place of personal growth and power, to step into the role of our own cheerleader and best friend, to know that you got what it takes - that's when real change and success can happen!

And that's where this form of yoga becomes really transformational.

Yoga is a psycological practice just as much as a physical one. With clear intentions, we use the yoga to clear out the old and blocked energy and embody the new. That which doesn't serve you anymore and makes you doubtful and depressed; OUT, that which makes you excited and happy about life; IN!

This is the thing:

We can read as many self-help books and inspirational quotes as we want, but as long as it's all just in our heads it's not gonna change anything. We need to embody it. We need to feel it. So that we don't just make good intentions, but we actually live them.

How would it feel to overcome your fear and your self doubt? How would it feel to believe in yourself more than you doubt yourself? How will it feel when your dream become reality?

Sometimes you don't have to figure it all out in your mind before taking the first step. The first (and easier) step is to start to feel the change, to embody the change, to stir up the right kind of energies that will help you move forward!

Don't just take my word for it! Come join me in class and feel for yourself - the bliss and elevation of body and mind. The empowering feeling of taking yourself to the next level.

Wanna join me? Click here to see the schedule and book your spot now, you are so so welcome.

From my heart to yours; Namaste!

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