NEW MOON IN GEMINI! - Set your inner child free!


BOTH the Sun AND the Moon is in Gemini right now- what a gift!

Gemini appeals to your inner child- the playful, the needy, the vulnerable part of you that is still like a child. You want to engage this side of you now through this energy: what is it that your inner child wants, what is it that your inner child needs?

It's about allowing that inner voice of your inner child to speak the truth. Allow that voice to come through and give it space. This is not the time to laugh in the face of pain, put on a pretty smile when all you really want is to cry or pretend like everything is "just fine" when it's not. It's about being honest and vulnerable for a moment and speak straight from the heart. Allow the needs of your inner child to be heard!


I have a pretty clear picture of myself when I was about 3-4 years old. Probably from pictures I've seen and also because some of my earliest memories are from around that time. I like to meditate by picturing myself as I am now meeting myself as a 3-4 year old. I take the hand of mini-me and I see her. I look into her eyes, and we have a conversation. I ask her what she is afraid of, how she feels, what makes her sad. And all the while I tell her that everything is going to be ok, that it is ok for her to feel what she feels, and I just hold her. This can be a very healing exercise, where you give support and love to that wounded part of your inner child. Where you hold space for that part of yourself with love. There's nothing to be fixed. It is enough that you acknowledge this part of you and hold space for what's there. The wiser, grown-up you can now provide safety for that insecure and scared, younger part of yourself. You know now that it is all going to be ok. You can also give the love and support now to yourself that maybe you were missing back then, either because a lack in a support-system or because you felt misunderstood. Try it, and as always; it helps to journal after a meditation like this to get it all out in words, down on paper. Try the Stream of Consciousness exercise again. Set a timer, pen to paper, keep writing until the timer goes off.

Your inner child is the part of you who's waiting patiently for your attention and approval, the part of you that is innocent and longs for love. A part of you that just wants to be held, loved and cuddled.We all have some core wounds from child hood. Some parts that, when triggered, throws us right back into fear or anger or insecurity or flat out tantrums. This is the time to identify and understand what childhood triggers we have, and give that inner child love and support so that we no longer have to be stuck in time, stuck in the loop.

When I was a child learned that as long as I was acting "cute and nice" everything was good. But when I fired up, or got angry or disagreeing, that part of me was rejected. Therefore, I grew up always hiding certain parts of myself that didn't receive approval. I always needed people to "approve" of my behavior, so I acted the way that would gain the most approval. Resulting in me growing up feeling ashamed whenever I would feel angry or rebellious, always feeling I needed to hide those parts of myself because they weren't "good"..As I grew up, found yoga and meditation, I had to go through the fire of re-claiming my own anger, my own power. Re-claiming my own imperfectness and starting to love that rebellious feminine volcano that is sometimes me. I had to rediscover the reason I am here: not to please everyone else, but to be my own person. I had to rediscover the beauty and healing powers of pure emotion. That when given a pure expression and outlet, the energy can flow and be free and it will heal us. To not always direct our emotions at someone or something outside of ourselves, but to claim it and feel it and use that energy to create and move forward.

This is one of my core wounds, and it still gets triggered. But I know it quite well now, and I can slip back in and feel my true feelings without being scared of them and I can express my true feelings without being afraid of rejection.

"It is never too late to have a happy childhood".This New Moon is a chance to share and maybe talk about the truth of your inner child. Maybe with a friend? Or a special close one? Or maybe just sharing some truths with yourself that you weren't ready to face before.If you choose to share with someone, ask if they can just hold space for you to share. Explain that there's nothing to fix or no advice that you need, you just need 10 mins to share. Ask them to just listen for 10 minutes, not to react. And afterwards you can hug it out. And you can offer the same in return. Passive listening and just holding space for each other to share is so healing, and something we will explore further in future workshops.

"Only when there is an open heart and innocent desire to be 'real' and vulnerable will your inner child be soothed and healed" -Debra Silverman

Next New Moon ritual at RAW will happen on the 11th of August. We really hope to see you there!

Happy New Moon!

See you soon,

Love Maja

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