Also called Skidless®, this towel fits perfectly on your yoga mat and keeps you from slipping no matter how much you move around or sweat during your practice.

The yogi toes towels not only looks amazing on your mat, but are also a hygienic way to absorb your sweat while practicing. On the surface each towel offers beautiful designs and colours for you to enjoy while practicing, and below you find the Skidless® technology of silicon knots that secures you an infallible grip on your mat.

And it gets even better; the yogi toes towels are super eco friendly. Each towel is made from eight recycled plastic bottles, and they use no lead or heavy metals in production or in the colour used for the design. Enjoy your practice without slipping and help save the world at the same time! Win-win!

Manduka YogiToes Towel


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