Lucas is trained in Sivananda and specialized in Yogic Psychology. He has done volunteer work in Rishikesh, which lead him to the Bihar School of Yoga in Munger, where he studied Yoga Nidra and Prana Vidya. Lucas is also a trained therapist focused on Buddhist Psychology, a compassionate way to work towards Conscious Happiness.

“I teach Yoga because I love it! For me, it is more a need and a craving than work. I like exploring and sharing Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Meditation and Yoga Nidra in addition to Prana Vidya, which is pranic healing in the style of the Yogas. I have been practicing and teaching yoga for more than a decade now, and I feel it is my Dharma, my life purpose.


Yoga to me is…
A way to quiet my mind! All the physical benefits are just a collateral side effect really. Yoga has helped me deal with anxiety and fear, and I became a lion!

Words to live by

"Whatever the mind believes, the mind creates"

I work a lot with my limiting beliefs and I gently push myself out of my comfort zone in the mat first... then in the real world.

Raw is 
a great place because...

It allows you to practice Yoga the way it was intended in India: what we call Hot Yoga, there is just Yoga! Also, we teach because we love doing it, and to connect with people. Is a blessing to be part of the Raw Family.

My guilty pleasure...

Is to teach new stuff in my classes. I am a Yoga geek! I love to sneak in anatomy, buddhist teachings, neuroscience and a lot of humanity in my classes.

My best journey ever...
In October 2017, while teaching at Raw, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Yoga was my main aid in my recovery. Now I can headstand again! So far this had been my best and most important journey, and Yoga be

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