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Johanna is a Yoga Alliance RYT200 +240CE certified Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Nidra and Restorative Yoga teacher from Austria, currently living in Norway.

When Johanna lived in Brussels in 2012, she found comfort and balance in yoga during the rainy winters, which started off her yoga journey. During the last years she deepened her personal practice, took workshops with different teachers around Europe and continued her education on and off the mat. Johanna’s classes and workshops are playful and heartwarming. Her classes are designed for students of all levels, so that everybody feels welcome and free to find their own practice.

Yoga to me is...

a lifestyle that combines all aspects of life. It includes movement, stillness and most of all being present. Yoga teaches to be aware, not only of one’s own body and mind but also everything around. Yoga gives you the opportunity to practice softness, strength, compassion, being at ease and so much more. Ultimately yoga teaches about the unity of the inner world, the outer world and all in between.

Words to live by

"We are all just walking each other home"

- Ram Dass

My guilty pleasure...

Lots of pleasures like all fried food, trashy movies and tv-shows, naps and taking breaks when I need them, but I am very happy to say that managed to teach myself not to feel guilty anymore. I enjoy all these things consciously and do my best to keep myself from numbing out. I strongly believe that these things are human and totally okay to enjoy with a purpose.

Best journey 

Haha, my life. What a journey!