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Andrea grew up surrounded by nature’s beauty in a small town on the west coast of Norway. She is no stranger to the power of movement, her love for movement started at an early age and led her to two professional dance educations in Norway and in the United States. On and off the mat, Andrea has always searched for something more, something deeper, always had a passion and a curiosity for life, wanting to evolve physically, mentally and spiritually. She feels privileged to have traveled the world and it’s by traveling she has learned most. She got introduced to yoga in 2009 and although her mind-body-practice began with the intention to complement her dancing, it soon became the main stage of her life. When Raw opened it’s doors in 2014, Andrea started working as a Karma Yogi. In 2015, she became a 200hr certified Hatha Yoga Teacher with refinements in Meditation, Pranayama, Asana and Philosophy. She studied under Emily Kuser at her Tantric School of Hatha Yoga & Meditation in Ubud, Bali. A style of yoga that gives a sense of opening to grace, connecting to oneself and connecting to a community.


“I teach yoga for various reasons. I want people to feel alive, to become more connected to themselves, finding the courage to live the life they aspire to live. I love yoga and I feel it’s my dharma to share it with the world, but the main reason for why I am teaching has to be because I have experienced first hand it’s healing effects, still am every day. Yoga and meditation continues to shape and change my life and I believe it can change yours too. Through this individual journey, getting to know ourselves better, learning to stay present in mind body and breath, undoing old habits and limiting beliefs, healing trauma and being comfortable in a place of stillness - we take steps towards healing ourselves and our families, creating a more loving and mindful world.

My style of yoga really depends on what kind of mood I’m in, but I’m especially drawn to yin yoga and the slow mindful way of moving - which creates balance to my life as I am an energetic being.“

Yoga to me is...

A way of life.

Words to live by..

"With each moving moment lives the fresh opportunity to breathe new life into who you want to be."

"Be soft for the sake of every hard heart; show them with every movement of your body that gentle does not mean weak"

"Everything happens for a reason"

Raw is a great place because...

Raw is my second home and I think it’s the second home to many. Raw is community. Raw is family. Raw has a faculty of inspiring teachers, each having their own unique power. And last, but not least Raw has created a safe space for you to meet yourself just the way you are and to do the practice from there.


My guilty pleasure...

Anything with the word «chocolate».


Best journey ever...

My transitional time in the Amazon of Peru, where I met myself deeper than I have ever been.